Over 10m patients treated at SIUT in 40 years

KARACHI: Over 10 million patients across from Pakistan has successfully got treatment at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) in 40 years free of cost.

According to the data issued by media department of SIUT on completion of 40 years’ services based on philosophy to provide medical care with dignity, SIUT provides medical treatment to over one million patients per year free of cost and with dignity, and over 10 million patients have been treated in the institution during the last 40 years.

Data showed approximately 800 dialysis were performed each day in eight centres of SIUT entirely free of cost, while about 254,641 patients were dialysed every year at SIUT across Pakistan. The SUIT teams had performed over 4,600 transplants to date with a success rate of 95 percent, while 294 transplantations of kidney were carried out in institution annually at SIUT.

The SIUT team works under a motto that “Every human being has the right to access health free with dignity. The philosophy behind the success of SIUT that medical care is the birthright of every individual irrespective of caste, colour, creed and gender. The SIUT management has established 10 countrywide centres to cater to the patients at local level.

About 343,803 patients visit SIUT Outpatients Department annually, while 41,162 admissions were also recorded each year in institution. The emergency services are opened around the clock where state-of-the-art services are provided to 350 patients every day and 111,544 patients with emergency requirement were brought annually in institution.

The children comprise 15 percent of SIUT patients population, services including nephrology, urology, transplantation, and GI hepatobiliary were provided to children. Over 600 paediatric transplants had been performed so far while 59,703 children availed different services each year. The 26 operation theatres offers wide-range of surgical procedures including laparoscopic surgery, and 83,481 surgeries are performs annually at centres.

Beside this, social services, nutrition, lithotripsy, radiology, laboratory services, infectious diseases, anaesthesia & intensive care unit, oncology, nuclear medicines and other services were provided to thousands of people annually free of cost with dignity.

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