Pakistan begins preparations for UN Climate Conference

KARACHI: The Ministry of Climate Change started the process for the preparations of United Nations Climate Conference being held in Paris, France in December 2015.

This conference will be a defining event for the entire globe and the commitments. The decisions of this event will have global implications for every country including Pakistan. The Secretary of the Ministry of Climate Change, Arif Ahmed, in his Opening address stressed the need to approach this important event nationally with intense preparation of the “country position” documents on the various streams that will be under discussion.

The COP-21 (UN climate talks) in Paris in December 2015 is supposed to produce a global decision in a legal form to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and way forward on other elements like adaptation, technology development and provisions of finance etc. The decision will start in 2020, and last until at least 2030, and probably until 2035. Keeping in view the importance the Conference, Pakistan should start preparations on the stance of GHG Emission cuts through intended Nationally Determined contributions (INDCs) and on other elements and means of implementation.

The Ministry of Climate Change hosted various relevant Embassies, Foreign and local donors and UN implementing agencies and for the first time included members of the private sector and civil society. The meeting was arranged to gauge all these organizations under one platform to request support in their areas of expertise in this respect. The help was solicited in areas such as, technical, scientific, logistical arrangements and other human resource inputs to add value in this national level effort.

This early initiative of the Ministry of Climate Change was very well received by the participants and many organizations including the private sector pledged specific institutional level and expert level support. Arif Ahmed Khan the Secretary of Ministry of Climate Change stressed that Pakistan stands firm in its commitments made under all International obligations and Agreements and expects that the up-coming COP 21 will bring a positive and balanced way forward for the globe as a whole. He also directed the Ministry to get into details and work out clarity of intended and pledged cooperation from the participants.

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