Pakistan desires good relations with India on equality basis

Islamabad: Pakistan has said that it wants good neighbourly relations with India on the basis of equality.

At her weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said Pakistan wants peace in the neighbourhood for development of the entire region.

She said the Prime Minister in his address to the SAARC summit also stressed the need for focussing more on the public welfare than the arms.

Tasnim Aslam said Pakistan played a constructive role in negotiations leading up to the SAARC summit and actively participated in the SAARC standing committee and council of ministers.

The host country also appreciated Pakistan’s constructive role.

The spokesperson said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also held meetings with six SAARC leaders on the sidelines of the summit.

To a question about Indian Home Minister’s allegations against Pakistan, Tasnim Aslam noted that unsubstantiated allegations will not lead to resolution of any problem.

She said Pakistan has condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestation. We have paid more price in blood and money than any other country to counter terrorism. She emphasized that all the regional countries need to cooperate to fight this menace.

To a question about drone attacks, the spokesperson said Pakistan has demonstrated opposition to these strikes not only in words but has also taken practical steps to highlight this issue at multilateral forums. Resolutions passed by the world forums have questioned the legality of these strikes.

About relations with the United States, Tasnim Aslam said Pakistan has very comprehensive and constructive engagement with the US. Both the countries discuss their convergences and divergences on issues at the bilateral meetings.

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