’Peaceful relation with neighbours key to peace’

KARACHI: Protection of human rights is imperative for the development of any country. Switzerland has one of the most sophisticated education and transportation systems in the word and is one of the major contributors of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

These views were expressed by Mr Emil Wyss, Consul General of Switzerland while addressing in a lecture on Diplomacy Made in Switzerland organized by Department of International Relations, University of Karachi on Thursday at the campus.

Wyss said Swiss diplomacy has taken a major shift in the last 50 years as its approach has become proactive from reactive in diplomatic ties are concerned. Swiss diplomacy’s main characteristics include peaceful relations with the neighbours who are key to peace and Pakistan needs to apply this model for peaceful co-existence in the region, he suggested.

He added that Switzerland joined United Nations in 2002 but is not a part of European Union so far to protect its which may hinder if we join EU unconditionally. Women got the right of votes in Switzerland in 1971 but it’s a notable fact that 5 out of last 9 Swiss Presidents were women which is indeed a significant step towards women empowerment.

Switzerland didn’t allow US army to use Swiss airfield for military purposes during Iraq war but did play a major role in the relief operations.

Switzerland is playing a significant role in the reformation of United Nations Security Council and was one of the countries who initiated this debate. As many as 263 foreign diplomatic missions reside in Switzerland while 142 Swiss missions are located all over the world.

“We don’t have natural resources but executes an excellent educational system while Vocational training is very common as well. Switzerland has the largest number of Nobel Prize winners which is indeed a dominant and significant achievement.”

Prof Dr Moonis Ahmar in his concluding remarks said that Switzerland has ensured its survival of neutral position during the two world wars that was indeed miraculous. Swiss nation is multicultural and multilingual with 25 % of the total population being non Swiss highly contended and enjoying the presence of good quality of life and infrastructure. Welfare system of Swiss state is the key for development and the country is indeed a role model for the entire global community for its welfare system.

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