Peasants vow to struggle for their rights

Mirpurkhas: Peasants in Sindh have been facing atrocities of the feudal lords for centuries. Unlimited working hours of farmers show that they still work in a slavery. In this dark and dreadful scenario, the struggle of the farmers of Sindh is a brave tradition as they had waged a fight for their rights.

This was stated by the National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) Deputy General Secretary Nasir Mansoor, Information Secretary Mushtaq Ali Shan, former leaders Lal Bux, Amar Chand, Mohammad Ramzan, Ibrahim Khaskheli, Khuda Bux Solangi and Meeran Amar Chand at local hotel on Thursday, where farmers belonging to different areas of Mirpurkhas formed their trade union and committed to make struggle to get their justified rights.

NTUF Deputy General Secretary Nasir Mansoor while addressing the participants, said due to this struggle, improvement in the industrial relation was materialized and the Tenancy Act was passed. However, sadly it still lacks proper implementation.

He said in this backdrop, due to the continuous struggle of the worker movement, the workers belonging to the agriculture and fisheries sectors were accepted as workers legally and millions of other workers have got inspiration from this decision that they would get their due rights in the 21st century.

Information Secretary Mushtaq Ali Shan said that in this representative convention, the agriculture workers decided to make their union. They also approved to make the constitution of the union and vowed that the workers of Mirpurkhas would struggle for their rights through collective bargaining.

Peasants in their speeches committed to snatch their legal rights putting the Act before. They said from centuries they had been facing atrocities and inappropriate behaviours of land lords. They said the Act which is supporting them would really help them if they properly get aware of it and take legal action.

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