PFF receives two fishermen released by India after 22 years

KARACHI: Two fishermen Hussain Walri and Haneef Murgher, who have been released from Indian jail after 22 years, have arrived here in Karachi on Monday.

Their family members and relatives with a large number of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) activists received them at Super Highway and then took them to Sachal Hall, Ibrahim Hydri, Karachi where PFF chairperson Mohammad Ali Shah and others gave gifts to the released fishermen and exchange congratulations with their family members.

It was excited scene when the family members joyfully greeted their loved ones after a long period after their release and thanked PFF for its struggle to get them freed.

They were released a day before yesterday and crossed the Wahga Border yesterday (Sunday) and arrived on Monday to home.

PFF statement on Monday said five fishermen with their boat had gone missing in year 1993 from the open sea. After a long period they came to know that these fishermen have been languishing in Indian jail, facing criminal charges. Then they were awarded life imprisonment with fine of Rs100,000 on each.

Three fishermen out of five including Siddiq, Achar and Meenhan Wasayo were released earlier about three years back and they reached home without informing their relatives. Now PFF chairperson took the issue for release of these two fishermen– Hussain Walri and Haneef Murgher-at the World Forum of Fisher People (WFFP) in New Delhi, he was informed that they have completed their sentences but since they do not have amount to pay fine, they are in jail.

PFF took the issue on the platform of WFFP and forced the Indian government through media and human rights defenders in India, it could be possible to release these two fishermen and gave happiness to their family members.

Hussain Walri has three children, while Hanif Murgher is unmarried. Pakistan has released 163 Indian fishermen in goodwill gesture quite recently. It was happened when the two prime ministers, Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi met in Ufa, Russia on the occasion of SCO summit and decided to release all the fishermen, who are in the jails in both the countries.

However, PFF chairperson has also taken the issue of three fishermen belonging to Rehri Mayan, Karachi, who have been in Indian jails for the last 16 years. Mohammad Ali Shah expressed the hope that these remaining fishermen will be released soon with the efforts of WFFP and Indian human rights defenders.

While talking to the community people gathered at Sachal Hall, Shah assured them that they are struggling to make the free all the fishermen detained in India. He urged upon both the government, Pakistan and India to fulfil their promises of releasing fishermen from both the countries and remove uncertainties among the relatives and family members of both the sides.

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