PM (Pak-Belarusian parliamentary interactions to bring peoples closer, promote trade ties: PM)

MINSK (Belarus): Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Tuesday said that closer parliamentary interaction between Pakistan and Belarus can help bring the two peoples closer and lead to enhanced trade and commercial ties.

In separate meetings with Chairman of the Council of the Republic (Upper House) Mikhail Myasnikovich and Chairman of the House of Representatives (Lower House) Vladimir Andreichenko, the Prime Minister said Pakistan was keen to forge closer ties with Belarus in all fields including trade, economic, defence, and culture. He said the opening of a resident Mission of Pakistan will greatly facilitate contacts between the two countries. He said parliamentary relations were an important pillar of bilateral ties and there was a need to encourage contacts between the two parliamentarians as it would create an environment of cordiality between the two countries.

The Prime Minister said the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of the National Assembly of Pakistan was planning to visit Minsk in October and hoped that parliamentary delegations from Belarus would visit Pakistan soon. The Prime Minister proposed the establishment of Friendship Groups in the two parliaments to boost ties. He called for the need to explore possibilities for cooperation in the field of culture and people-to-people contacts. He also suggested collaboration between the museums of the two countries.

The Prime Minister referred to the holding of a festival of Pakistani films in Minsk during his visit and hoped that Belarusians will enjoy Pakistani cinema. He said the MOUs signed between the two countries would open new vistas of collaboration in the field of education and have set the stage to explore linkages between institutions in the fields of fashion, music, arts and archaeology.

Vladimir Andreichenko, Chairman of the House of Representatives said he was looking forward to the visits of parliamentarians from Pakistan to Belarus and said he believed that greater interaction between the parliaments would also enhance trade.

He said Belarus could enter into joint ventures with Pakistan in many areas and also stressed greater collaboration in education and scientific exchanges, training in mechanical, medical and technical trades. Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Council of the Republic said there was a need to follow up on the agreements and MoUs signed between the two countries and to translate these into practical projects.

The Parliament of Belarus; known as the National Assembly of Belarus is the representative and legislative body of the Republic of Belarus and has a four-year term. The House of Representatives has 110 deputies; elected by the people of Belarus. While the Belarus’ Council of the Republic is a regional representative body with 64 members.

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