PMA concerned over violation of Anti-Smoking Law

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association on Thursday expressed concern about the violation of Anti-Smoking Law. Secretary General Pakistan Medical Association (Centre) Dr Mirza Ali Azhar said it was a well known fact that smoking and use of tobacco in any form is injurious to health. He said tobacco leads to cancer of lungs in case of smoking and cancer of mouth in case of using gutka, pan, chalia, naswar etc. It not only affects the overall health of the nation, but also increases the burden of diseases for the healthcare providers.

He said PMA and other doctor bodies in collaboration with members of civil societies are always busy in running campaigns to stop the use of tobacco. He said tobacco use is officially banned by an Ordinance in any public place in the country. The airports are the only place where this instruction is observed in letter and spirit.

He said: “We expect from our political leaders, dignitaries, celebrities and opinion makers that they will refrain from doing such activities which they are not supposed to do publicly”. It is their responsibility to come forward and educate the masses against these bad habits.

He demanded of Chief Minister Sindh to impose a complete ban on smoking and use of pan, gutka, chalia at all the offices of Provincial Secretariat and government across Sindh.

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