PMA welcomes dissolution of PMDC body

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Karachi has welcomed the Presidential Ordinance, dissolving the highly controversial Executive Council of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

An executive committee meeting of PMA Karachi, held at the PMA House in Karachi, welcomed the Presidential Ordinance dissolving the controversial Executive Council of PMDC, noting that it was a step in the right direction as far as the field of medical education in the country was concerned.

The meeting further noted that the Presidential Ordinance was a culmination of sustained efforts put in by the PMA leadership at every possible forum over a long period of time. The removal of individuals with vested interest in PMDC was a longstanding demand of PMA and it is a matter of satisfaction and professional relief that all the illegal occupants have now been shown the door.

The PMA meeting expressed its renewed confidence in the system which did take time responding to a critical issue, but what mattered in the end was the simple fact that the right decision was taken by the highest office in the land.

While it was good to have the vested interest removed from positions of authority, the PMA meeting stressed that the job was only half done. In going forward the authorities concerned have to ensure that any individual with a conflict of interest should not get even a foothold in PMDC. Those with their one foot in the private medical colleges should not be allowed to have the other foot in the PMDC. If the regulatory body is run and managed by those whose deeds and misdeeds are supposed to be regulated, the end-result is not too difficult to guess. In fact, there is no guessing involved as the PMDC Executive Council, which now stands removed, has left a trail of evidence related to how seriously wrong things can go in such an equation.

Besides, it is also of critical significance to initiate a full-scale independent and impartial inquiry into all the misdeeds committed by members of the discredited PMDC Executive Council. As a matter of principle, culprits should be made to pay for their crimes, and when they happen to be crimes against society, justice should be at its most strict, stressed the PMA meeting.

The first step in that direction, the PMA meeting suggested, would be to initiate a financial audit of PMDC which has not been done for a long time. Those found guilty should be barred from ever having a representation on the PMDC Executive Council.

PMA Karachi also discussed the issue of the payment of support money to the families of the doctors who were killed during last few years. This support money was promised by the Chief Minister of Sindh. There is a growing unrest in the families of the unfortunate doctors and they are time and again approaching PMA for this purpose.

PMA demanded of CM Sindh to fulfil the promise and early decision in this regard.

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