PML-N gets 8 UCs in Ahmedpur-East

Ahmedpur-East: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz(PML-N) led by MPA Khalid Mehmood Warran and MNA Najeebuddin Owaisi grabbed 8 Union council chairmen seats in PP-269 Ahmedpur-East while Independent group led by ex-MNA Sardar Malik Aamar Yar Warran got 5 union council chairmen seats.

MNA Ali Hassan Gillani’s maternal uncle Syed Akhtar Ali Shah and ex-MNA Malik Aamar Yar’s two cousins Malik Jehangir Warran and Malik Yasar Warran were elected as chairmen union councils of Ali Kharak, Nonari and Wahi Bahawal Shah, respectively.

Similarly Malik Faizullah Ranoja of PML-N was elected as chairman UC Khairpur Daha, Mushtaq Dawanj (Independent) as chairman UC

Janowala, Rahim Bakhsh Kharwala (independent)as Chairman UC Mubarakpur town, Siddique Marah PML(N) as chairman UC Naushera Jadid, Malik Aamar

Channar PML-N as chairman UC Mud Peer Wah, Abid Ghallu PML(N) and

Farooq Ghallu (Independent) as chairman UC Bahawalpur Ghalwan.

PML-N MNA Ali Hassan Gillani’s cousin and his right hand Syed Aamar Ali

Shah faced defeat in UC Uch Gillani election.

According to unofficial results PML-N’s opponents won majority seats of UCs of Sub division Ahmedpur-East. However, political circles are of the view that PML-N was comfortable as BNAP Chairman Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi neither formed his group nor he ran the campaign of any candidate throughout Bahawalpur district.

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