POA house handed over to Arif but in bad condition

Karachi: Legitimized by International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) as being President of Pakistan Olympic Association (OCA), Arif Hasan on Tuesday retained the possession of Olympic House in Lahore.

Although Akram Sahi, who started a parallel POA backed by Pakistan Sports Board, took the possession of the Olympic House forcefully in September 2013 but after IOC and OCA verdict came in Arif Hasan’s favor, the possession of the house was handed over peacefully.

IOC and OCA held a meeting to mediate and resolve the issue between the two parties in Lausanne on October 17, 2015. The international and the Asian Olympic bodies took the decision in Arif Hasan’s favor.

However, Arif’s team has accused that the edifice returned to them was in a very bad and dilapidated condition, which will require complete renovation and repairing. Similarly, the record was found unorganized and scattered.

The handing over of the building was done under the observation of Haider A. Farman, who was nominated by the IOC and OCA to stay witness and facilitator of the process.

“The hard disks of computers, laptops, souvenirs etc, which were there in the Olympic House on the day of forceful occupation have been removed. All this came to the light and was observed when the POA office was again re-established on Tuesday,” Mohammad Khalid Mahmood, Secretary (POA) said.

“The damaged condition of the Olympic House will be reported to IOC and OCA at the earliest. But the most important aspect to note is that justice prevailed after two years and three and a half months (841 days) following a row which completely damaged the promotion of sports in the country and the same will have to be restarted from the scratch,” he added.

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