Policy Dialogue on Disaster Management in Balochistan held

QUETTA: Political leaders and civil society organisations have demanded of the federal and provincial governments to ensure supply of necessary machinery to provincial Disaster Management Authority and Metropolitan Corporation to avoid massive destruction in case of natural calamity in the province. PDMA and Metropolitan Corporation have no equipment to meet any natural calamity which may result in massive tragedy in coming days.

Former provincial president ANP Rasheed Nassar, PMAP leader Gul Khan Kakar, Shazia Ahmed Langav, Maqbool Baloch and Sharafat Shareef expressed these views at Provincial Policy Dialogue on Disaster Management in Balochistan organised by Oasis Development Foundation Balochistan in collaboration Action Aid Pakistan.

They said they would support every government measures to be taken in the interest of people. They said present government is not clamant of massive change but good work should be appreciated. Metropolitan Corporation has been authorized for action against unauthorized structures and illegal plazas in the city and practical work has begun on it.

They said a tradition is being practiced we put responsibility of everything on the others and keep ourselves on a side. They said PDMA was taking all possible measures mobilising all its limited resources. We should take practical steps then mere talks. We can minimize losses and damages by pre-plan of natural calamity.

They said we cannot be stop natural calamities but can play our better role with the help of community and social bodies.

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