Politics: (National Party condemns church attack, lunching)

ISLAMABAD: The National Party (NP) on Wednesday condemned deadly church attacks and lynching of innocent people. Those who played with the life and property of innocent should be bought to book to discourage tendency of mob justice, it said.

Speaking to a meeting of party workers, Senator Mir Kabeer Mohammad Shai, Parliamentary Leader of the NP in the National Assembly Sardar Kamal Khan Bangulzai, organiser NP Punjab Ayub Malik and others said that attacks have strengthen the resolve of masses against terrorism.

We will continue to see gory incidents until the politicians prefer to maintain a distance with the masses, they said adding that mere statements and financial assistance will not soothe masses. They noted that war against terror also requires tackling ideological confusion which is reason behind wholesale production of young bombers.

The elected representatives said that weakness of criminal justice system led to establishment of military courts and criticism of some quarters is against the supremacy of the Parliament. Disapproval on military courts amounts to ignoring ground realities and helping the terrorists, they remarked.

Senator Mir Kabeer and Kamal Khan Bangulzai said that those who own nine zero are responsible for recovery of arms and proclaimed offenders from there. Criminals should not be allowed to use affiliation with any party as shield and that peace of the last option for all political parties.

They said that renewed attacks on polio workers have not only raised concerns but sending negative message. Lauding the government’s decision to enhance military and technical cooperation with Russia, they said that this indicates decision to abandon unilateral foreign policy and pursue independent foreign policy after decades.

One-sided foreign policy has inflicted irreparable losses in Pakistan therefore we must not become part of any new American war in the Middle East, they demanded.

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