Population termed biggest socioeconomic problem of third world

KARACHI: It is impossible to deal with the problems of law and order and crimes without controlling the issues of population.

Population is the biggest social and economic problem of the third world especially Pakistan whose population is increasing rapidly which may have serious repercussions.

These views were expressed by Prof. Dr. Fateh Mohammad Burfat, Chairman Criminology Department, University of Karachi, while addressing a seminar on Population and Crime with the collaboration of Population Welfare Department Sindh Government and Pakistan Research and Development at the campus.

Burfat said poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, widening of the gap between the rich and poor class, discriminatory attitude towards women and children, scarcity of resources, intolerance, inequality in distribution of resources, increasing crime rate, terrorism, suicide attacks, corruption and street crime are the major causes.

He added that we have limited resources while unlimited problems, population of Karachi has exceeded from 20 Million. Law enforcing agencies are facing problems due to shortage of resources despite their magnificent performance, crime rate is increasing day by day. Law enforcing agencies, police and rangers must be provided adequate resources in comparison with the increasing population of the metropolitan. Conditions of Pakistani women must be improved and to provide children and the youth educational, recreational and health basic facilities in order to coup this menace of overpopulation. Uniform system of Justice and resources is imperative for a welfare state.

Yaseen Wagan said that over population causes a lot of problems which not only increases the crime rate but contributes to the scarcity of resources in the sectors of health, education and employment. Proper family planning is very important to control this issue as it is not meant to the reproduction process but it helps in bridging the gap between the resources and the needs.

Family Planning centres of Population Welfare department, government of Sindh are present in the entire province, which provide guidance to the local population about family planning measures and their issues.

Dr Aasma said that proper food is not being fed to the girls which makes them weak and harms their health. We need to improve the food standards of them on or after their marriages.

Nasreen Ghouri said that the example of Canada can be very well quoted where there are more resources then the population and they invited citizens from all over the world to live in Canada and now they are living happily there. If we increase our resources in line with the population, our man power will become a huge asset to the nation.

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