President PML-F Balochistan speaks

CHATTAR: In case of Change of Balochistan Chief Minister in Balochistan his cabinet should also be changed. Members of the cabinet though became ministers but they did not carry out development activities in their areas. With the result problems in all the districts are still unresolved.

This was stated by Senior Vice President PML-F Musharraf Ali Khosa said that federal government should also see that new chief minister should keep interests of people of the province in view and should not ignore people of Pakistan and Balochistan because people of the province have lost so much during previous regimes and Pakistan was also damaged a lot. We must learn lesson from our past and move carefully he added.

Musharraf Khosa said for District police should be activate all over the province to maintain law and order. Levies force reminds us days of Britishers even today. After Independent Pakistan there is no justification for Levies Force any more. If any Sardar or Nawab desires to keep Levies Force he should be provided this force and it should be confined to their deras only.

He aid new chairmen District Zakat Committees would be appointed in the province. A committee should be formed at the district level to monitor their performance and distribution of zakat.

He said in case of unification of Muslim League factions so called Muslim League would diminish. He said political organizations involve din terrorism and corruption should be black listed. There is no justification for political parties involved in terrorism and corruption. Neither they are well wishers of the country nor are they concerned with people.

He said PML-F is party of securing people and country. It is whether defence or democracy it has been taking decision as are in the benefit of the country.

PML-F representative in the days to come would raise voice for rights of people at the Balochistan assembly as it s united under the leadership of Pir Pagara Saeen.

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