President PPP Balochistan on Sindh division

TAMBOO: President PPP Balochistan and former provincial minister Mohammad Sadiq Umrani has said those dreaming for division of Sindh would never succeed. Sindh is land of Sufia and its division is impossible. MQM is ethnic organisation which desires chaos and bloodshed in the country.

He said after historic public meeting in Karachi political orphans and product of dictatorial forces and their remnant are now fully worried. They were conspiring to divide country and the provinces. He said Sindh land of great Sufia (Saints) and dream of its division can never be materialized.

SAdiq Umrani said MQM has always done politics based on ethnicity. Its conspiracy of chaos and bloodshed would never be allowed to succeed.

He said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is leader of 180 million people and on his pagination jialas would not deviated from sacrificing their lives. He said PPP was striving for strengthening democracy, stability of the country and prosperity of nation. No one would be allowed to attack democracy.

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