Probe demanded into Larkana uplift funds scam

LARKANA: People must ask rulers about Rs 85 billion that were allocated for development of Larkana. Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) must investigate into bungling of city’s development projects and detain corrupt officials who were responsible for ruining the city. For last seven years the ruling party has given nothing to public but only promoted corruption, street crime, energy crisis and = withholding tax on bank transitions.

These views were presented by leaders while addressing to a protest rally against the government for bringing corruption, unemployment and other social problems, at Jinnah Bagh, here on Monday.

The rally was jointly led by Awami Ittehad’s chief Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, Pakistan Peoples’ Party Workers’ (PPPW) chairman Dr Safdar Ali Abbasi, Munwar Abbasi, Syed Akbar Hussain Shah Rashdi, Shafquat Hussain Unar and others.

The protest rally was attended by a large number of people from different walks of life who shouted slogans against government. The protesters wore black armbands and started walk from Zulifqar Bagh. Crossing different roads and streets, the rally reached at Jinnah Bagh. The main road was blocked for hours.

Mumtaz Bhutto said everyone knows that PPP government had given nothing to its voters but it had looted them with both hands. He said no one would be allowed rigging in upcoming election so they must stop planning for rigging.

Safdar Abbasi said rulers destroyed the system by involving into corruption. He they must awake before people started their campaign against them. He said FIA must check the Larkana’s development work record from last seven years. He said people must inquire about the Rs 85 billion from rulers that were allocated for Larkana’s development work including construction of roads, schools, hospitals and other development work.

Protesters demanded from Supreme Court and FIA to take action against the culprits who are responsible.

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