PTF is organizing Invitational Masters’ Tourney from August 20

Karachi: Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) is organizing PTF Invitational Masters’ Tournament from August 20 in Islamabad on the synthetic courts of the Pakistan Sports Board.

A total of eight players will participate in the eight-day event, with one off day during the period. Top national players have been invited in this first edition of the tournament. The tournament is scheduled to conclude on August 28.

The event allows nomination of one to two wild card entries to encourage high-quality tennis playing Pakistanis living abroad to participate and test their skills against the best here.

The matches, on a best of five sets, round-robin basis will help in providing the players with excellent practice for tournaments and would also enable the PTF to assess the form and fitness levels of players.

With eight players, each player will play one match a day, a total of seven during the event. The winner and runner-up, based on the points obtained, will be entitled for a reward of Rs.75,000 and Rs.50,000, respectively.

From amongst top players currently in Pakistan, Aqeel Khan, Abid Ali Akbar, Ahmed Chaudhry (members of the Davis Cup squad of 2015), Shahzad Khan, M. Abid and Yasser Khan, top ranked in Pakistan, have also been invited to participate.

Two Pakistani youngsters who reside abroad, Hamza Mahmood (the UK) and Asad Sayyid (Canada), with considerable credentials during their play overseas, have also been invited as ‘wild card’ entries for this event.

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