PTI tribal leaders announce to fully participate in Nov 30 Islamabad protest

Peshawar: Tribal activists of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf announced to full participate in the party-led grand protest rally, scheduled on Nov 30 in Islamabad, and warned the government for creating any hurdles in this regard.

Speaking at a news conference at press club on Wednesday, a member of PTI Organizing Committee Fata Aminzada Afridi said that the party tribal workers have been showing eagerness to participate in the protest rally on Nov 30, called by PTI chairman Imran Khan in federal capital Islamabad.

He said the PTI chief has been invited everyone to attend a decisive and historic protest in Islamabad, especially those people who were not got justice. So, he expressed the hope that caravan of thousands of tribesmen would expect to join in PTI-led protest in Islamabad, from tribal Khyber Agency, along with other agencies of Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Tribesmen are ready to give any sacrifice, but would fully participate in the protest rally on Nov 30, he vowed.

Flanked by the committee other members and elders, Jamal Afridi, Shehzad Afridi, Mohammad Zahid, Engr Gul Madad, Khan Sher Afridi, Lal Wali Afridi, and Abdul Khaliq, Mr Afridi regretted the successive governments had been failed to mitigate the suffering of tribal people, and always being treated step-motherly attitude with the tribesmen. He lamented the government was not taking serious steps to mitigate the suffering of internally displaced persons, and give due right to tribal people.

Jamal Afridi regretted the tribesmen are not given due rights according to constitution of the country, due to imposition of draconian Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) Act in Federally Administered Tribal Areas. He further said that Fata has been deliberately kept backwards in all fields, particularly in education and health sectors.

Mr Afridi said that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan had only raised voice for right of tribal people, and strongly opposed the ongoing military operations and drone attack in tribal region. He (Imran) was always supported the tribesmen in their struggle and movement for attainment of legitimate rights to tribesmen, because who only want to give all due rights to them, as availed other citizens under the constitution of the country, he maintained.

Aminzada Afridi said: “We (tribesmen) fully supported to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman Imran Khan in his ongoing protest movement, because we also want to get rid the nation from the present corrupt system and bring positive change in the entire country. He, therefore said tribal people, particularly students and internally displaced persons in a large number, would participate in the PTI-led historic protest rally on Nov 30 in Islamabad, warned the government for creating any hurdles in this regard.

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