Public cry against Sepco in Larkana rises

LARKANA: Public cry against Sepco has increased manifold due to worst electricity load shedding in the entire province including Larkana. Sepco authorities are using Rangers for recovery of arrears and stopping theft of power which has multiplied the problems of the legal consumers.

There are approximately 5000 government electricity connections in entire Larkana Sepco division and about 52,000 general consumers, including industrial, commercial and domestic, whereas the TV cable connections are approximately 2,25,000 which shows the working of the power company in the interior of the province.

Monthly billing for 5000 & 52,000 consumers is almost the same which shows that about 80% losses are being incurred by the company at the hands of its field staff which it has so far completely failed to control and end massive corruption within the company.

This also proves that 80% direct connections are working here and the users cannot do that daringly without consent of the concerned sub-division. There are four Sepco divisions in entire Larkana Circle including Larkana Rural, Larkana City, Kandhkot & Jacobabad. To cover losses, the reliable sources said, the Sepco authorities have now resorted to illegal means of starting massive recovery drives with the help of Rangers and imposing heavy detection fines at their personal will without assessing the usage of the consumers.

These fines are always imposed over legal consumers which they consider that they are being harassed and punished by Sepco engineers for being legal consumers having proper meters to hide their own negligence thus forcing them get their lawful connections removed. These sources further said that power distribution companies have been destroyed by their own meter readers, line staff and officers as they never took any action against theft which was committed right under their noses hence with their consent over the years despite the availability of proper laws and they just kept on receiving monthly amounts. The Sepco has done nothing to bring the 80% populace into the net so that power supply is improved which will also improve its revenue.

Billing of about Rs 190 million is made monthly out of which half is paid in Larkana Sepco circle. Why the proper consumers are issued heavy detection bills and electricity thieves have not yet been touched should be the question for higher authorities for which they will have to evolve a clear cut policy. Another factor in the issue is why the Sepco authorities have not so far touched the black sheep in their own company.

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