Punjab increases dengue surveillance, as Sindh sits cross-fingered

Karachi: The government of Punjab has increased the steps for surveillance and check of dengue viral fever, while Sindh government is still in deep slumber, despite the unofficial estimated thousands of cases are reported in Karachi alone; however, there is no official confirmation as the Sindh government’s Dengue Prevention and Control Programme does not share the data of dengue cases with media. In past the Dengue Surveillance Cell used to share such data on daily basis, but the provincial government of Sindh upgraded it with the new name of Dengue Prevention and Control Programme. However, the upgraded facility stopped sharing the daily dengue fever data with the media, as according to the inner sources the growing number of cases was embracing the provincial government, who has already been blamed for bad governance.

However, the province of Punjab continues to take strict efforts to contain the dengue virus. It has directed all the departments and agencies concerned to continue the intensive dengue surveillance and larvaeciding activities to control the breeding of dengue mosquito.

In this regard Wasa, PHA and Solid Waste Management was asked to implement the action plan of dewatering and removal of solid waste on the war-footing basis. It was ordered that biological treatment should be made in the larger water bodies where dewatering was not possible by stocking tilapia fish (larvae eater).

Pakistan Railways was asked to ensure removal of solid waste/garbage and dewatering from water ponds on the premises of railways, especially in the area of Mughalpura Railways Workshop.

Government hospitals in Punjab have made satisfactory arrangements for the diagnosis and treatment of dengue patients and the doctors deputed at the High Dependency Units and dengue wards were fully trained in the case management.

The citizens of Sindh, especially Karachi, have urged the provincial government of Sindh and especially its health and local government departments to take strict measures to control dengue. They appealed to make the Dengue Prevention and Control Programme functional and gather and share the data of dengue fever cases on daily basis as it increases awareness amongst citizens and also compels government officials of health, local governments and other concerned departments to discharge their duties seriously.

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