Rangers arrest 6 target killers from Ranchore Lines

KARACHI: Sindh Rangers on Monday claimed to have arrested six alleged target killers and recovered a huge cache of weapons in Ranchore Lines.

According to Rangers spokesperson, during a surgical action in Ranchore Lines, six alleged target killers, Khurram alias Muchar, Mahmood, Shahid alias Kala, Mubin, Zubair and Kashif alias Macha was arrested. 14 sub-machine guns, 5 repeaters, one light machine gun, 5kg explosive material and a number of hand bombs were recovered from their possession.

They said all arrested suspects are members of a political party.

According to details, Khurram alias Muchar was close associate of incharge if unit 28 of the political party, Ikhlas and involved in extortion, target killing and weapon dumping.

Mahmood was member of unit 20 and has accepted the involvement in 47 murders, kidnapping and torture cases. He was arrested in November 2014 and released on bail.

Shahid alias Kala was active worker of Unit 31. He was earlier arrested on 16th Sept 2014 and was currently on bail. He confessed during interrogation of committing 6 murders.

Mubin was member of Unit 20 and accepted the target killings, extortion, rioting and other crimes. He was also earlier arrested on 17th May 2013, later on released on bail.

Zubair alias Handi was involved in armed clashes with Lyari Gang War and Sunni Tehreek, rioting, murders after kidnapping, cash van dacoity during which 2 security guards were killed in Azizabad in 2013 and extortion cases.

Kashif alias Macha was active worker of Unit 30, involved in target killings and extortion, Rangers said.

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