Rich tributes paid to Joyo

KARACHI: Director Pakistan Study Centre Dr. Jaffar Ahmed said that the tireless struggle of the great scholar, intellectual and writer Ibrahim Joyo spanned for a complete century which is itself a demonstration of exemplary services to motherland of Sindh. We pay tremendous tribute to his great academic achievements and services towards the humanity and the nation. He was a liberal and human loving person whose thoughts were so humanitarian and societal.

It’s the duty of every responsible person to serve the society and fulfil their responsibility honestly otherwise world is full of dishonest people who just brag about their efforts and do nothing.

Many people get a long age but only few of them are the source of happiness and peace for the nation and their people and Ibrahim Joyo lies in this category of significant people who served the humanity and the society with the best of his abilities.

He was addressing on a seminar on celebrating the centenarian birthday of great scholar and writer Sain Ibrahim Joyo organized by Pakistan Study Centre KU. Former VC Sindh University Mazar ul Haq Siddiqui said that one cannot deny the significant academic contribution of Sain Ibrahim Joyo. He served the peoples of Sindh with his philosophical thinking and raised their educational standard. He truly loves the Sindhi land and its people and was truly a saviour for them.

Prof. Muslim Shamim said that the purpose of organizing this ceremony is to glorify Joyo’s thinking and to serve the society which is facing great challenges and its our sole responsibility to save our culture and cultural norms. The life of Ibrahim Joyo is an ideal for all of us and we can learn a lot from his achievements and struggle for the society. He not only highlighted the problems of Sindh province but also proposed logical and applicable solutions which are itself a great service to the Sindhi motherland. He is the first scholar and philosopher who is celebrating centenarian birthday in his life.

Prof. Sahar Ansari said that Joyo is a vital historical asset to us and a live representative of Sindhi culture and civilization. He not only highlighted the problems of Sindh province but also proposed logical and applicable solutions which are itself a great service to the Sindhi motherland.

Prof. Saleem Memon said that in the last year when Mr Joyo turned 99 we started translating his published and unpublished work in Sindhi and till now we have translated 100,000 pages, in the next level we would publish it in Urdu and English too. What he predicted only in 32 years of age about Sindh in his book “Save Sindh, Save Continent” is now coming true. He always dreamt of a prosperous and civilized Sindh province and we all will make his dream true one day.

A book titled “A great engagement: Sindh, Joyo and Mehkri” was launched in the end of the ceremony.

Students of the centre presented their presentations on the life and academic services of Ibrahim Joyo in 5 regional and English language which was highly praised by the audience and speakers. This ceremony is the last event of the centenarian celebrations of Ibrahim Joyo while his centenarian birthday will be celebrated on 13th August.

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