Rizvi promises to make Sukkur a nucleus of medical, basic sciences activities

KARACHI: Renowned Surgeon and Director Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) Prof Adib Rizvi has said he would like to see that activities in the field of medical and basic sciences may flourish in the city of Sukkur in the days to come.

Prof Rizvi said the activities of his institute providing special medical treatment free to ailing population is not only confined to Karachi but spread in other parts of the country; therefore ” Sukkur is a part of Karachi”.

He also pointed out that a huge participation of medical professionals from abroad is a testimony that they also endorse the philosophy of SIUT. He reminded the visiting international dignitaries that the province of Sindh is a custodian of thousands years old civilization and a land of peace and harmony.

The others who spoke at the seminar. included Dr Luc Noel an Advisor to the WHO, Philip Ransley a leading Paedtriatic Urologist from UK, Dr MagdiYaqoob Prof of Nephrology at a London Hospital, Dr Tariq Shakoor Gastroenterologist from the US, Professor Manzoor Husain and Prof Murli Lal of SIUT.

The experts presented their papers on various subjects including on chronic kidney diseases, treatment of Hepatitis C and management of fistulae.

The symposium was largely attended by doctors and medical professionals from Sukkur and other adjoining areas.

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