‘Rulers against revival of KCR’

KARACHI: The rulers themselves do not want to run the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR). Running KCR is not as complicated matter as being shown to befool Karachiites. Local trains could be run in the city in just six months, provided the rulers are really sincere, said senior railway labor leader.

Manzoor Razi, Chairman of Railway Workers Union said revival of KCR is a matter of three to six months. He said one track of the KCR from the City Station to Landhi is fully functional as it can be revived even tomorrow by arranging locomotive and rolling stock. The other component of the KCR, called KCR loop need track, signal repair and rail crossing gates, rehabilitation of abandoned railway stations and provision of locomotives and rolling stock and it could be easily done from three months to six months.

He said both these tasks do not need any Japanese or Chinese assistance or technology. He said Pakistan Railway that has already been running express trains from Karachi to Peshawar can do the job easily from its local resources, provided the rulers all the Pakistan Railway to do so.

He said the federal, provincial and city governments are involved in revival of KCR, but sadly no one is sincere to the cause of Karachi and Karachiites. He said the political parties are also not sincere to revive the KCR. They do issue hollow statements in favor of the KCR, but in fact their sympathies are with the transporter mafia that is the main hurdle in revival of the KCR.

He said the railway labors had offered the then city mayor Niamatullah Khan Advocate that they would offer their services voluntarily to run the KCR provided the city government give them financial, political and administrative support. He said Niamatullah Khan Advocate had agreed to their proposal, but the coming city government silently shelved their proposal. He said the workers of Pakistan Railway and retired drivers, technicians and staffers are ready even today to offer their services to revive the run the KCR on self-help basis, but the rulers are not in favor of this pro-people project, which if revived and run can ease the problems of millions of Karachi commuters and save them from atrocities of the transporter mafia.

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