Saeed Ghani for separation of violence from politics

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) Parliamentary leader in the Senate of Pakistan Parliamentarian senator Saeed Ghani while responding to a threatening statement that was carried by some sections of the print media said the people of Karachi are yet under siege of a particular political party that has a very active militant wing and the people are forced to vote in favour of that political party.

In a statement, Senator Ghani said that politics and hooliganism could not travel side by side and the party that would claim to be a political party should have to discard the militancy.

He advised the party to stay within the ambit of the law and the constitution because they would not get anything from any bulldozing attitude, The threats might draw some attraction to the voters that are being suppressed but the party should keep in mind that the PPP could never be intimidated.

Senator Ghani said that the PPPP is the democratically elected provincial government and has ambitions and plans to develop all the districts in the province.

He said that as far as the matter of powers is concerned, it is the constitution that decides about the powers and the local bodies representatives would only get the powers as per the approved local government ordincnafce-2013.

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