Sarfraz Bugti-Kashmir Day

QUETTA: Kashmir is lifeline of Pakistani. Government of Pakistani and its people have always supported Kashmiris morally and ideologically and would continue so in future. United Nations help end Indian cruelties in Occupied Kashmir by implementing its resolutions and Kashmiris should be given right to plebiscite.

These views were expressed by Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti, Secretary Home Akbar Hussain Durrani, Chief Metropolitan Attaullah Baloch and others while addressing a ceremony in connection with Kashmir solidarity Day at Metropolitan Corporation hall here Thursday.

They said no one has ever been successful by force in the world history not can impose its agenda on the others. India should leave dreaming Kashmir would become pits part. They said Kashmir is part of Pakistani historically, geographically and culturally. World community has shown double standard on Kashmir issue. National would not make any compromise on Kashmiris blood. For peace in the region it is inevitable Kashmir problems should be resolved in the light of UN resolutions.

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