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QUETTA: For a change there is no need for dharna or revolution rather electoral reforms and making transparent election process can bring change. Democracy can stay in Pakistan within 1973 constitution.

This was stated by Mian Iftikhr Hussain Central Secretary General Awami national Party at a Press conference here Wednesday.

He was accompanied by Provincial President ANP Asghar Achakzai, senior leader Dr Inayatullah and other central and provincial office bearers.

Iftikhar Hussain said federal andprovincialg ovenrments should be fully supported for the success of Operation Zarb e Azb to achieve far reaching impacts. He aid steps shodulb e taken for the return og one million IDPs to their respective areas. He said if Operation was not successful it would have serious outcome.

He said ANP suffered a most in the previous elections. We were not allowed to leave our homes. We could neither hold meeting nor corner meeting nor could take processions. People of Khyber Pashtoonkhwa have mandated PTI. They should serve the masses. But they were presenting culture at their dharnas in Islamabad. He said this is culture of night. By presenting variety shows at the dharnas they negated their own sayings. No change can come in this way.

Iftikhar Hussain said we also condemn terrorism wherever it is. ANP is the only party which was hit by terrorism the most. But we did not give up our principles. We are followers of Abdul Ghaffar Khan and support non violence. He said we would raise voice against any excess or cruelty against Pashtoons, Baloch or any other nation.

He said action was taken against Taliban in Waziristan and more than one million people had to migrate to other provinces. But neither federal government nor provincial government extended them any assistance. It has disappointed them and they were returning to their homes. He said information is that Taliban who had left the area were also returning.

ANP Secretary General said purpose of his visit to Quetta is to extend greeting to Arbab Abdul Zahir Kasi on his recovery. This was decision of party high command to congratulate him on his recovery.

We are democracy loving people and want democracy in the country. We would not let democracy to derail. But some people want to weaken the government in the name of dharna. We would not allow this ever. He said dharna people first raised slogan of revolution then civil disobedience but they did not stay at their promise nor were successful.

He said variety shows were being presented at dharna. Variety and night shows cannot bring revolution. It is people who bring revolution.

He said resignation cannot be taken at gun point form any one or demands accepted. Resolution of all problems is possible through talks. He said dharna people have parliament a good platform. They should resolve their problems within Parliament. He said holding procession and meetings is right of every political party in democracy and no one can stop them from it. But a law for it is also there. Within a frame they can present their demands.

ANP leader said we are supportive of rights of Baloch, They should get their rights. We and earlier supported them and do the same now.

He said we have always raised voice for rights of Pashtoons and would do so in future.

He said if 1973 constitution was touched then no constitution of the kind could be framed. No one would be allowed to destroy this constitution.

He said everyone knows of thinking of India and Afghanistan about Pakistan. Pakistan must be careful.

He said journalists and others have been martyred in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. Our party condemns this and expressed grief over it.

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