Secure a reference before going to passport office

Karachi: Need to secure or renew your passport, first confirm a reference in order to avoid a long queue and subsequently long hours of waiting only to see people coming after you being escorted by some inside official to submit their form roughly with in half an hour.

When you will go to the passport office, you will be approached by confident agents outside the premises of the passport office telling you that they could help you submit your form easily. They will charge you aound five hundred rupees depending on your bargaining power.

However, it will give you little value for your money because they can only submit your passport fees in the bank and lead you to the respective department of your district.

It will save your few minutes but you should go directly to information counter adjacent to main gate. Ask them the process need to be followed and the place of the department your area falls in.

However, here nothing could be done once the process of the submission of the form started as you will certainly have to wait for approximately five hours waiting in the queue to have your snap shot then bio-metrics and then waiting in a long queue of data entry. Your data will then be attested within minutes, provided that the concerned person is sitting on the table.

You will then have to wait in another long queue to have your documents verified by a person sitting in a room with a name plate ‘Assistant Director’.

He will tell you that you should have brought identity cards of your parents or this document or that. It seems your NIC and previous passport doesn’t count for anything. The only documents, which seems important were those which you thought were not needed for the process since all those had been submitted when you applied for NIC and to get your previous passport.

In the process, you will see many people coming after you, have their forms submitted in literally less than an hour. If you will observe closely, Assistant Director will also not have any objections. Those persons will be seen escorted by some inside may be officials or clerks.

So in order to avoid inconvinience of waiting for long hours, you need to find a reference or find someone inside of your particular area department and try to bribe them!

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