Senate(Senate will donate Rs.2 million to Chitral flood victims)

Islamabad: Business Advisory Committee of the Upper House of the Parliament Monday decided to donate Rs 2 million to flood victims of Chitral calling them the worst-affected.

Due to limited funds at the disposal of the Senate, the Committee agreed on the amount and decided to give it to Deputy Commissioner Chitral in the shape of a million rupees for medicine and another million for essential food items. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani here at the Parliament House. The meeting also discussed the agenda of the session comprising four government bills including a bill from the National Assembly and a number of committee reports. The House, during the session will also discuss the situation arising out of the devastating floods and the issue of NARC land in Islamabad.

The Business Advisory Committee also approved the celebrations of the first sitting of the Senate on August 6, 1973. A commemorative meeting will be held in the Senate Hall and a special get-together in the Banquet Hall on this day which will be addressed by Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani, former Chairmen Senate Senator Nayyer Hussain Bokhari and Senator Waseem Sajjad as well as a member of the first Senate, Senator Nargis Zaman Kayani and the first Sergeant-at-arms, Mohammed Taj.

The Committee was informed about the launching of Senate’s revamped website during the current session and confirmation was sought for publishing complete details of salaries and allowances of the leadership and members of the Upper House. Committee members agreed to the idea and even confirmed to making the attendance record of all senators available on the website calling it peoples’ right to have access to information about their representatives. The current session of the Senate is scheduled to continue till 13th of August.

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