SHC directs EC to announce ACP polls result

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday directed election commissioner for Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi to announce the result of election held on 20th December 2015.

The counting process of the election was restrained by SHC after the Shehr-e-Quaid Panel had alleged the rigging and irregularities.

SHC bench was hearing the lawsuit instituted by the Shehr-e-Quaid Panel who had approached the court against their rival group in the election, Ahmed Shah Panel, for allegedly committing irregularities and rigging in the election.

The Nazir (inspector) of the court submitted a report regarding the votes counted in his supervision. The court directed election commissioner for Pakistan Arts Council Karachi to announce the result of election and observed that Shehr-e-Quaid panel can approach election commissioner if they still have any doubts regarding the election.

Earlier, the SHC had restrained the authorities concerned from counting the votes and appointed its Nazir to inspect the votes’ counting process to elect the new body of Arts Council for the year of 2016.

The plaintiff had submitted that Ahmed Shah Panel announced their victory when the polling was under way. The Shehr-e-Quaid panel was of the view that Ahmed Shah Panel had claimed that there were 2,700 votes polled; however, there were around 1,500 votes un-polled in the possession of their panel. They apprehended that rival group might add these un-polled votes in counting to secure their victory.

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