SHC extends stay against procurement of Hepatitis vaccine

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Thursday extended its injunction, precluding the provincial authorities from procuring hepatitis vaccine from the multinational companies at exorbitant rates till February 16.

The local pharmaceutical companies had approached the court against the authorities for rejecting their medicines and purchasing the same from the multination companies at inflated prices.

In the petition, they submitted that their medicines used for treatment of Hepatitis-B and C are purchased and used by the various leading health institutions. They said government has also licenced them to manufacture and sell the vaccine within and outside the country.

They said Sindh government malafidely rejected their vaccines despite the fact the one of the vaccines, which the authorities have rejected on quality grounds, is the largest selling vaccine in the country. Moreover, he said, this vaccine is also produced by the only company in Pakistan having WHO recognition for its laboratory.

A single bench, comprising Justice Mohammad Shafi Siddiqui, adjourned the hearing till February 16 while extending the stay against purchase of the vaccine.

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