SHC orders free-will marriage couple’s protection

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday directed police officials to provide protection to a free-will couple who contracted married in November last year without parents’ permission.

Amir and Nooria contracted free-will marriage but the family of Nooria did not accept their marriage.

SHC bench headed by Justice Naimatullah Phulpoto heard the petition filed by newly-wed couple who moved the court seeking protection and quashment of kidnapping case registered against Amir at Gulbahar police station.

The court directed police officials to provide protection to the couple and not to arrest Amir in relation with the kidnapping case registered against him. The bench also issued notices to attorney and prosecutor generals to submit their comments on 4th February.

The petitioners submitted in the petition that they have contracted marriage willingly on 19th November 2015 but the family of Nooria did not accept their marriage and got registered a case of kidnapping her against Amir.

The petitioners submitted that police arrested Amir’s father and the family of Nooria kept threatening his family. The family members of Nooria came to Amir’s house on 11th December and threatened to kidnap the women of his family if he refuses to return Nooria to them they submitted in the petition.

Citing home secretary and SHO Gulbahar as respondents, the newly-wed couple prayed to the court to order the police for their protection. The court was further requested to issue its direction for the quashment of false case registered against Amir.

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