Sindh assembly passed two private resolutions

Karachi: Sindh Assembly here Tuesday unanimously passed two private resolutions, while rejected the same number of private resolutions and differing one resolution.

As pre details, when Sindh assembly met here with speaker Agha Siraj Durrani in chair 36 minutes late than its scheduled time of 10:00am. Only nine members were present; however, the speaker ignored the quorum.

It was a private members day. During question answer hour four out of total five questions on the agenda were taken and 24 supplementary questions asked.

MQM lawmaker Muhammad Hussain Khan raised an adjournment motion that Secretary Education, Government of Sindh, Dr Fazalullah Pechuho himself has admitted that one Lakh ghost employees were eating up billions of the rupees allocated for education in Sindh province every year. He said presence of one Lakh ghost employees in just one department and its confirmation by a secretary level officer is a very serious and urgent matter and it should be discussed in the House. However, Sindh education minister Nisar Khuhro opposed the adjournment motion saying the statement of the secretary education was not recent. He said the motion was not maintainable under the rulers. The speaker rejected the adjournment motion as not maintainable under rules.

The House also rejected a private motion of the leader of opposition, Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar of PML-F that as per the spirit of the charter of democracy signed by the PPPP leader Benazir Bhutto the chairman of Public Accounts Committee in Sindh Assembly should be appointed by the leader of the opposition. He blamed that the PPPP members were paying only lip-service to Benazir Bhutto, and were not ready to accept her vision about democracy in Pakistan as given in the Charter of Democracy. He invited the PPPP members to reject his resolution so as to vindicate his claim that the PPPP members were not following the vision of their leader Benazir Bhutto. However, senior minister opposed the resolution and the PPP lawmakers said ‘No’ to it when it was presented to the House for approval. Hence the motion of Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar regarding empowering the leader of opposition to appoint the chairman of public accounts committee was rejected.

Similarly, the House also rejected a private motion of Nusrat Bano Seher Abbasi of PML-F, demanding promotions of doctors who are waiting for their due promotions for years.

However, the House passed a resolution of Nand Kumar regarding implementation of five percent quota of minorities in government jobs. It also passed a resolution of Khalid Ahmed of MQM regarding ensuring supply of 650 megawatt electricity to Karachi-Electric (KE) from the National Grid, irrespective of the past agreement which expired last month.

The private resolution of Saeed Khan Nizamani of PML-F regarding releasing salaries of Hur Mujadis posted in police force was deferred by the House to next day.

Private Bill No 10/2014, The Sindh Universities Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014 tabled by Khalid Ahmed of MQM was introduced.

MQM lawmaker Adnan Ahmed raised the issue of cracker attack on a private school of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town Karachi and the education minister assured that the security issues of schools would be resolved.

A privilege motion of Arbab Ghulam Rahim (PML-N) was on the agenda but the Mover was absent.

Later, the speaker adjourned the House till Friday, Feb 06, 2014 at 10:00am.

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