Sindh Assembly passes five bills related to healthcare sector

KARACHI: Sindh Assembly here Wednesday passed five important bills related to the vital healthcare sector. All these five bills were the government bills tabled by Sindh minister for parliamentary affairs Dr Sikandar Ali Mandhro and considered at once on the request of the mover, by relaxing all the rules.

These bills included Bill 20/2014 The Sindh Allopathic System (prevention / misuse) Bill 2014, Bill 24/2014 The Physiotherapy Council Bill 2014, Bill 20/2014 The Sindh Pharmacy Council Bill 2014, Bill 20/2014 The Sindh Nursing Council Bill 2014, and Bill 20/2014 The Postgraduate College of Medical Sciences Bill 2014.

Though some MPAs of MQM requested that these bills should be not passed in haste and instead they should be sent to the standing committee on health for proper discussion; however, the treasury benches insisted to pass them without sending them to the standing committee. However, some of the amendments as suggested by the opposition benches were passed before passing the bills into law.

The assembly passed two resolutions, unanimously. The first resolution was tabled by Murad Ali Shah of PPPP, which said this assembly salutes the strength and resilience of young Assu Bai Kolhi from district Umerkot, who despite physical and other limitations have been educating the girls of her area. Besides the mover, PPPP MPA Nadir Magsi also spoke on it. He said it is a fact that women in Sindh especially in rural areas are still ‘second class citizens’, and we should take steps to make them the first class citizens.

The second resolution moved by senior minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro and other MPAs said this House condemns the derogatory remarks uttered recently by Mr Imran Khan, chairman PTI against the democratic and patriotic people of Sindh calling them ‘slaves’.

The House also appreciates the brave struggle of people of Sindh under leadership of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

An adjournment motion of Sabir Hussain Qaimkhani of MQM to discuss the open selling of home-made wine in Hyderabad was opposed by the minister for parliamentary affairs and termed Out of Order by the speaker.

Syed Shehla Raza, deputy speaker, talking on the resolution said it is highly condemnable to call the people of Sindh ‘salves’. People of Sindh have fought bravely against the tyrants for centuries. The history of Sindh tells us about the bravery and valour of people of this land. ‘Buhitan Khan’ has no right to disgrace the people of Sindh. ‘Buhitan Khan’ himself has served the dictators and remained chief polling agent of dictator Musharraf.

Faisal Ali Sabzwari of MQM said the politicians should use their mind and words very carefully. The politics of Pakistan has already been too much polarized. The words used against people of Sindh were used irresponsibly. We should not try to further promote lack of tolerance in our society. These words should be withdrawn and no one should hurt the feelings of people.

Jam Khan Shoro of PPPP said the people of Sindh have played major rule in creation of Pakistan. We strongly condemn these words. Everyone has a right to do politics but not to use derogatory remarks against people of Sindh.

Zafar Ahmed Khan Kamali of MQM said we strongly condemn these objectionable words against the people of Sindh. No one has the right to hurt the feeling of people.

Imdad Ali Pitafi of PPPP said if they use such mean words against our people we can also reply in the same currency. On the issues related to Sindh both ‘new and old Sindhis’ are standing together with one voice.

Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said we will not tolerate the disgrace of our people because we are their elected representatives. Imran Khan has no right to billingsgate people of Sindh. We know where Bani Gala is, and if the people of Sindh reacted Imran Khan could not come out of his home. The ‘spoon of generals’ (Generelon ka Chamcha) Imran Khan should withdraw these objectionable words, he said.

Later, the house was prorogued.

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