Sindh needs emergency care facilities at district level, assembly told

Karachi: Sindh assembly on Tuesday was told that in Sindh province proper emergency care facilities are available in Karachi only and many precious lives go lost while shifting them from the far-flung areas to Karachi; therefore, it is necessary that the government of Sindh provides emergency and trauma care facilities at every district, besides equipping all road ambulances, and also providing air ambulance facilities at the divisional headquarters.

The members were speaking on a private resolution of PML-F lawmaker Nusrat Bano Seher Abbasi who asked the government to provide air ambulance facilities in the divisional headquarters to provide relief to general public in case of emergency.

Ghazala Siyal, Waqar Hussain Shah, Khuram Sher Zaman, Dr Mohammad Rafique Bhanbhan, Dilawar Qureshi, Syed Aijaz Shah Bukhari, Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Dr Zaffar Ahmed Kamali, Sorath Thebo, Aisha Khatoon, Zubair Ahmed Khan and Dr Seema Zia supported the resolution.

They said sadly emergency and rescue services have been upgraded in Punjab and other provinces but Sindh government has failed to improve these crucial sectors. They said that the government hospitals at district level have not facilities to treat trauma and emergency patients. The people of Sindh had already paid heavy price of these ill-managed district hospitals when Shikarpur and Jacobabad had braved terrorist bomb attacks. They said presently only Edhi is running an air ambulance, while road ambulances are also being run by the Edhi, Aman, Chippa and other philanthropists while the government hospital ambulances are used for the private purposes of doctors and health department bureaucrats.

They said the Sindh health department should improve its performance, as the deaths of children in Thar show lack of medical facilities in government hospitals. They said local doctors should be asked to serve in their native districts. They asked to start an air ambulance in government sector and link it to the major hospitals so as to save the lives of precarious patients. They said growing roads accidents and also terrorism acts have further increased the need of this air ambulance service.

However, the House passed the resolution unanimously. The House also passed other private resolutions of Naila Munir of MQM and Syed Khalid Ahmed of MQM. However, the private resolution of Irum Azeem Farooqui was amended, tabled as a joint resolution and passed unanimously.

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