South Zone police arrest 127, three killed in shootouts

KARACHI: South Zone police on Monday claimed to have arrested 127 suspects while three others were killed in seven encounters in different parts of the metropolis.

According to details, South Zone police conducted raids on criminals during which 127 suspects were arrested in last three days.

Three criminals were killed and seven others arrested in injured condition in seven police encounters.

A culprit wanted in a murder case and 29 alleged dacoits, street criminals and motorcycle lifter were arrested. However, 75 other suspects were also nabbed.

Thirteen absconders, four drug sellers were also detained in separate raids.

Three hand grenades, five Kalashnikovs, 30 pistols, 37 magazines, dozens of cartages, seven shotguns, nine rifles, five snatched motorcycles, big quantity of drugs, stolen property, gutka, stake money and sources of gambling were recovered from them.

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