Spokesperson for Chief of Jhalawan

QUETTA: Spokesman of Chief of Jhalawan and President PML-N Balochistan has clarified a report carried by certain News TV channels about meeting of Sanaullah Zehri with Khan of Kalat in London.

Spokesman while discarding second contact with Khan of Kalat by Balochistan government said that it is political point scoring and security of interests by some people.

Spokesman said Chief of Jhalawan went to London to meet Khan of Kalat in his tribal capacity and not as representatives of government of Balochistan. There is no concern fo the government at this meeting.

He said Sanaullah Zehri a heavyweight tribal personality and custodian of tribal traditions’ of Balochistan. He views these traditions with great respect and also the tribal elders of the province.

Spokesman asked Media men to get such reports verified prior to reporting them to avoid any misconception.

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