SSGC disconnects 500 illegal connections

KARACHI: In its continuous drive to control the rising UFG trend, SSGC conducted yet another raid against direct use of gas in the heavily populated Al-Asif Square in Sohrab Goth, Karachi.

The Task Force of Customer Relations Department, constituted to clamp down on gas theft cases, discovered that 23,000 million cubic feet worth of gas was stolen on yearly basis in and around Al-Asif Square area. In monetary terms, this volume amounts to Rs 7.25 million per annum.

During the raid, the team disconnected more than 500 domestic connections that were taking gas directly through rubber pipes. The Task Force also cracked down on five local restaurants that were running their businesses by using illegal direct connections. In addition, on two locations, owners were found running heavy generators by taking connections from domestic lines. The Task Force summarily dismantled all illegal connections during the raid.

Application to lodge FIRs against these culprits was sent to IG Police Office as per the Criminal Law Amendment Act 2011. Nawab Ali Shah, Acting Chief Manager (CRD) led the raid operation, under the security cover of area Police and Security Department of SSGC.

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