Stroke claim 400 lives every day in Pakistan

KARACHI: Renowned neurologist and Pakistan Society of Neurology president Dr Mohammad Wasay Shakir on Tuesday said stroke has taken epidemic turn in Pakistan as about 1,000 persons face stroke attacks on daily basis in the country, out of which 400 die.

This he stated while addressing a seminar in connection with the World Stroke Day 2014 organized by Health committee of KPC and Pakistan Stroke Society in collaboration with a local pharmaceutical company at Karachi Press Club (KPC). The screening camp was also held for journalists on this occasion.

The World Stroke Day will be observed on 29 October 2014 all over the world and experts would highlight the dangers of stroke, factors causing the disease and healthy practices for people to prevent themselves from the paralyzing disease.

Dr Wasey said ratio of stroke prevalence is more common in women in Pakistan as compared to men and there was need to aware women of the deadly disease and ways to prevent them from the paralyzing disease. He said stroke is preventable through precautionary measures. He said 70 percent stroke cases were being reported from developing countries due to unhealthy life style and lack of proper medical facilities in these countries.

He said: “Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of regular exercise, excessive intake of table salt and diabetes are some of the major causes of stroke and added that smoking in men especially was another reason that causes heart problem as well as stroke.”

Prof Wasay said hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels in addition to getting overweight are some of the indicators that a person could get either heart attack or stroke.

He advised the people to adopt simple precautionary measure like daily exercise, quit smoking & other oral use of tobacco, reduce intake of sodium chloride or table salt to prevent them from getting stroke, which if not kills instantly, can paralyze a person for several years.

At the health screening camp, working journalists and their family members were provided facilities of free health screening and their blood pressure, blood sugar level and cholesterol were checked by the experts. Secretary Karachi Press Club (KPC) Amir Latif welcomed Dr Wasey Shakir, Secretary Health committee Hamidur Rehman and other health experts at the club and said KPC would continue to hold such awareness activities in future.

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