Syllabus must reflect Islamic ideology, JI women wing

Karachi: Jamait Islami, Ladies Wing Karachi chief Farhana Orangzaib has said removing lessons about Islamic history and ideology from school and college syllabus is affecting our new generation.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, she said it would not be tolerated changing syllabus on the lines of western secular culture. She blamed the government for handing over the task of reforming syllabus to western elements and NGOs unaware of Islamic history and ideology of Pakistan.

Removing some lessons from the educational syllabus on Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) and his Companions (RA), is a shameful act of the authorities involved. She said Sindh Textbook Board working under the Education Ministry of Sindh has made the syllabus of primary section fully secular which is tantamount to the Constitution of Pakistan that guarantees upholign Islamic identity of the country.

She said amongst subjects, Sindhi, Islamiat, Urdu and Pakistan Studies lessons were changed in the primary section. She reminded that it is written in the constitution of Pakistan that no contradictory law to Quran and Sunaah would be allowed in Pakistan.

She demanded of the government that educational syllabus should be made so as to reflect the ideology of Pakistan and Islam and there is dire need to get the syllabus changed by patriotic national educationists and Islamic scholars.

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