Thick fog again hits Larkana

LARKANA: Thick fog once again hit entire Larkana district for second consecutive day, forcing students to stay homes on Wednesday. Electricity failure since mid night added to the miseries of the people coupled with worst sui gas load shedding.

Power could not be restored in Naundero till 3:00 pm, which went off at 1.00 am. There was zero visibility even at 9.00 am which persisted till 10.30 am due to which roads and highway remained deserted as few small vehicles were seen plying there with head lights on.

Worst affected were those who had to reach their duties on time but were late by more than one hour due to slow moving of the available transport. All schools registered low turnout of the students due to shivering cold and extremely foggy weather.

Poor people in the villages were seen warming themselves with burning of dry dung and wood collected from nearby jungles. Rush at road side hotels was seen where people thronged to enjoy hot tea for maintaining their body temperature.