TMK closed against manhandling of sugar mills workers

Tando Mohammad Khan, Sindh: Tando Mohammad Khan Town remained shut on Monday to protest alleged besiege of Tando Mohammad Khan and Seri Sugar Mills by Hyderabad police and manhandling of their workers.

The shutter-down strike was observed on the call of Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Tehreek (STP) and CBA Union of the sugar mills workers.

The agitating sugar mills workers and STP activists staged a big protest demo in front of Tando Mohammad Khan Press Club and raised slogans against the police. They were led by STP leaders Dr Ahmed Noonari, Aijaz Noonari and CBA leader Iqbal Hajano. They charged that the police of Hyderabad Division along with private armed men once again besieged the sugar mills and beat up their workers and security guards. They forced the workers and guards to leave the mills and occupied the premises.

They said hundreds of workers have been rendered jobless due to the occupation of the sugar mills. They claimed that more than 50 sugar mills workers, CBA leaders and sugar mills security men were arrested by the police. They demanded release of the arrested workers immediately.

It may be noted that on Sunday morning police of Hyderabad, Tando Mohammad Khan and Tando Allahyar districts had besieged the Seri and Tando Mohammad Khan Sugar Mills and tried to enter their premises, but the workers strongly resisted and raised slogans against the police.

However, on the occasion DSP Aslam Langah and SHO Ghulam Mustafa Laghari manhandled a reporter of Aaj TV, Mohammad Ansar. They arrested him and snatched his camera. Local journalists strongly protested the manhandling and arrest of the reporter. Tando Mohammad Khan Press Club president Ghulam Nabi Kerio, Muzaffar Rind, Abdul Kareem Shaikh, Shahzad Subahpoto, Rao Ghulam Hussain, Mursal Rizvi and others held a protest demo against police and demanded that the cops involved in the manhandling of Aaj TV reporter Mohammad Ansar should be arrested and legal action taken against them.

On the other hand, leaders of Seeri Sugar Mills Workers Union CBA, Iqbal Hajano, Ali Bux Ghutiko, Adalat Khan Pathan and other told media that two years ago some police cops and their private hooligans had occupied their mills on the behest of an influential political personality of Sindh, involved in the sugar mills scam in Sindh province. However, after the protest of the mill workers, the Sindh High Court ordered ending the illegal occupation of the mills and the livelihood of its 1500 workers was restored. However, they said that the police once again were trying to occupy the mills. They regretted that false cases were being lodged against the sugar mills workers.

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