Trade: (FPCCI laments investigation against privatized organizations by NAB, FIA)

ISLAMABAD: Mian Mohammad Adrees, President, FPCCI, on Monday expressed his great concern over the recent move made by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against the organizations which were privatized in the previous regime.

While condemning this move, he said these organizations are successfully running and significantly contributing to the national exchequer besides, providing job opportunities to a large number of unemployed youths.

He further stated that this move would cause a great deal of frustration and run counter-productive to the on-going process of privatization. This would also shake the confidence of the foreign investors, he added.

He therefore, urged, “Instead of digging the past we should ensure transparency in the on-going privatization process” and proposed that FPCCI, which is an apex body of trade and industry in the country, should be consulted so that those state-owned enterprises which are running in losses and burden on the national exchequer should be given priority in their privatization.