Trade: (Pakistani investors asked to explore Ghana for opportunities)

ISLAMABAD: Patron Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders Shahid Rasheed Butt on Thursday asked the Pakistani investors to explore opportunities in rapidly developing African country of Ghana.

Ghana is offering matchless benefits to foreign investors where growth rate was 7.3 percent in 2013, 4.2 percent in 2015 and it is projected to be 6.0 percent in 2016, he said.

Talking to a group of investors, Shahid Rasheed Butt who is also Council General of Ghana in Pakistan, said that Ghana, a country with population of 27 million, attracted foreign investment of four billion dollars which is more than combined FDI of India and Pakistan.

He said that Ghana enjoys 71st position in the index of economic freedom while the government is trying best to further improve the situation. Local and foreign investors enjoy similar benefits in the African nation which include repatriation of profits, he informed.

But said that those Pakistani investors who have already invested in Ghana have been enjoying good profits and they are expanding their business in Ghana because it is a stable country where democracy is working well since 1992.

The number of poor in Ghana has declined by 50 percent while situation is getting better, according to international observers.

He said that twenty commercial banks are operating in Ghana providing facilities to local and foreign investors on the directives of the government.

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