Trade: (PJMA will meet local demand after receiving jute consignments)

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Jute Mills Association (PJMA) will meet the local demand after receiving jute consignments released by authorities for which LCs were established before the imposition of ban on jute export by Govt of Bangladesh.

This was said by a spokesman of the PJMA in a statement issued here on Thursday. The Spokesman added that Bangladesh has allowed export of 11,000 ton of jute to Pakistan booked by the Pakistani exporters before it banned jute exports in November 2015; however, shortage may occur in future as government of Pakistan has not taken up this matter with the government of Bangladesh to get the issue resolved on permanent basis.

He said with sufficient supply of jute industry will be in a position to fulfil the quantity demand by federal and provincial governments this year.

Pakistan, being one of the biggest importers of Bangladesh jute, fulfils all the basic raw material requirements of its jute industry from single country imports.

All it needs is government’s resolve to avoid using hazardous packaging material like polypropylene for food storage and utilize jute so that the industry can plan investments in capacity utilization and local cultivation of jute.

This would not only make the country self sufficient viz raw material but also help concentrate more on finding export avenues as the majority of foreign markets are in tight grip of two regional countries.

‘If the government provides support in technical infrastructure for industry along with guidance and long term policy support for jute cultivation in Pakistan to substitute import of raw material, the exports of jute products after value addition could earn handsome amount of foreign exchange for the country,’ he said.

He added that there is capacity of 125,000 tons per annum while the industry has a direct employment of 25,000 while it provides indirect livelihood to 100,000 people.

The industry also provides $100 million imports substitution while it contributes over Rs. 800 million to the economy in the form of several duties, taxes, levies, and surcharges.

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