Traditional oxen-tilling show

NAUNDERO: As many as 10 pairs of bulls participated in the annual traditional oxen-tilling competition held here on Sunday.

These bulls were brought from Khairpur, Dadu and Larkana districts different farmers.

Each pair was given seven minutes time to plough the land.

The winners were given cash prizes and traditional Sindhi Ajraks & caps.

The first position was secured by a pair brought from Khairpur belonging to Bachal Belar who was given Rs2000 in cash as reward. The second position was won by ox pair of Ali Sher Kalhoro who was rewarded with cash of Rs1500. The third position was obtained by an oxen pair belonging to Ghulam Ali Samtio of Sobhodero who was given cash prize of Rs:1000 along with Ajraks & Caps.

Allah Ditto Gondal & Madah Hussain Khakhrani were appointed judges and they noted down the time and rounds made by each pair.

The oxen pair which secured first position completed 17 rounds of tilling in seven minutes and 16 rounds were made by the oxen pair that won the second position.

Organizer of this annual event Sher Mohammad Narejo told that he is doing his best to reintroduce the old traditional bull tilling which has proved giving tremendous yields than tractors which only save time.

He said that tilling of lands through oxen in Sindh was in vogue even during Mohenjo Daro era. He said that as diesel is costly and the cost of tilling one acre through a tractor is more than its tilling through oxen, so poor farmer’ only choice is to revert to old tradition of till through bulls.

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