Traffic police eye illegal parking outside marriage halls

KARACHI: Deputy Inspector General of Police, Traffic, Karachi, Dr Amir Ahmed Shaikh said on Monday that traffic police’s next stern action would be against illegal parking sites established outside marriage halls after completion of action against school vans being run on CNG in the metropolis.

Talking to PPI, Dr Amir said Karachi Traffic Police Department would not disturb schools or its management while commencing the drive against CNG-run school vans as it had chosen the day of crackdown against dangerous school vehicles will be Friday from August 20 so as to these vehicles could get time to remove their CNG cylinders in two off-days of Saturday and Sunday.

He said, after CNG-run vans, the department would start another drive against those marriage halls which have no legal parking and they misuse the service roads for parking.

He said illegal marriage halls and their illegal parking is a major hurdle in the traffic flow so these would not be tolerated any more in the city.

He said he already has warned officials concerned that the action should be taken impartially against the offenders. He said civil society should cooperate with traffic police as they want to bring better traffic system across the city at any cost.

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