Traffic police lack driving license checking technology

KARACHI: There is no system in Karachi Traffic Police Department to check the licenses of reckless drivers running their vehicles on the roads.

According to sources, the traffic police lack such technology for routine checking of drivers’ licenses. They have no modern technology that is used to check validation of licenses and its ownership in the developed countries globally.

The Karachi Traffic Police Department (Licensing and Training) could not have improved the system of licensing process in the city as thousands of fake licenses holders are running vehicles in the city.

Despite tall claims of traffic police authorities regarding bringing reforms in the traffic system, the ground realities show no betterment. Even the Mobile Licensing Service has been shelved which was inaugurated by Inspector General of Police Ghulam Hyder Jamali in 2013 to facilitate citizens.

It is important to educate people in terms of traffic laws to avoid traffic issues in the city. The department needs patriotic, honest and visionary officers to make license process transparent and make it corruption-free, as thousands of people are dying in traffic accidents every year due improper training and lack of awareness of traffic laws.

However, official sources told PPI that traffic police are going to start work in collaboration with a private mobile phone company to check the licenses through downloading application that would link the system with licensing department’s database.

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