UGTA threatened to go on indefinite strike

KARACHI: The United Goods Transport Alliance (UGTA) on Tuesday held a protest outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) against alleged bribe which they have to pay to carry thier transport.

Dozens of protestors, led by Chairman- UGTA Malk Shabar-, Rana Ishtiaq, Khalid Khan were reached outside the KPC. They were holding placards, Banners and chanted the slogans against Federal Goverment, Motorway police, FBR, police of all provinces, Custom, NHA. They demanded the removal of bribers from all departments.

After demonstration, the leaders held a press conference where Malk Shabbar said that the police of all provinces forced them to pay the bribe. He alleged that the personnel of above mentioned department get bribes from them in different ways.

Shababr also condemned the 16% increas in sales tax and increases in petroleum products. He went on to say that thier vehhicles are hijack by dacoits and transporters are being tortured mentally and physically police.

UGTA demanded of the government to set oil prices as per world market. ” Vehicles to be protected from dacoits. Motorway police should be restrain from penalting without any reason. Toll system should be eliminated, ” they demanded.

They have threatened to go on strike for an indefinite period if the federal government do not fulfill their demands till 4th February 2016.

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